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A way of choice

Positano Risto was born out of a pure love of authentic Italian food by its Muslim owners. Whenever they traveled to non-Muslim countries, their dining choices were limited to kebabs, fish and chips and the usual Indo Malay and Indian cuisines which is in abundance in most global cities. There had to be a better way - a way of choice.

Through humble beginnings and pure intentions, the first Positano Risto on 66 Bussorah St is today ranked as Singapore’s #1 most reviewed Italian restaurant while our Publika KL outlet is #1 Italian out of 202 on TripAdvisor. Positano Risto will continue to thrive and grow as our vision is to become the world’s most popular halal Italian social dining restaurant chain.

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The Journey Begins

In 2014, one of the co-founders of Positano Risto, Imran, travelled for the umpteenth time to Italy, but this time decided to brave a trip to Naples together with his wife, Kamilah.

Naples was known to be the birthplace of the pizza and the gateway to Capri as well as Pompeii, the second most visited tourist site after the Vatican. After visiting Capri and Pompeii over the first two days, and with a free day ahead before traveling back to Rome and onwards to Singapore, Imran decided to rent a car and driver and leave their day in the hands of the local Amalfi Coast expert. Little did Imran know that the next 8 hours would leave an indelible impression on him and Kamilah, a memory that would last a lifetime.


No memory could ever supersede the impression that their Hajj had left on their hearts and souls two years earlier, but nevertheless the beauty of Positano that sunny afternoon with the blueness of the Mediterranean Ocean below touched their hearts like no non-place of worship had ever done before. Imran and Kamilah had never seen a town like it, and little did they know that the seeds of a restaurant chain that InsyaAllah could potentially open up a new dining experience for Muslims and non-Muslims alike all over the world, were being sown before their very eyes.

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Redefining halal Italian dining experience

As they meandered through the magical alleys down the very steep slope towards the pristine beach, the desire to understand this town's unique history became unbearable. Combined with a burning passion to begin a restaurant that would redefine the experience of casual halal Italian dining, and marry that concept with the gemstone beauty of Positano, Imran could not help but begin a three year process to bring the idea born that very afternoon to reality. Teaming up with his partner and brother-in-law Ishak, a location from which to launch their vision was secured at 66 Bussorah Street. And as the old adage goes, the rest was history.

Positano Risto Italian restaurant Publika KL

Publika KL

Then in 2018, Malaysia had the pleasure to welcome Positano Risto in Publika located in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Kuala Lumpur.

Positano Risto Italian restaurant

66 Bussorah St

In 2017, the first Positano Risto opened its doors on 66, Bussorah St, a stone’s throw away from Sultan Mosque in Singapore.